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Lego The Terminator Arrives Punks Reenactment Scene Stop Motion Animation Lego The Terminator Arrives Punks Reenactment Scene Stop Motion Animation

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

You should try animating their mouths when they're talking.

contrast: a love story contrast: a love story

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I dig it. I think anyone who has any bad to say about this is either jealous of yer skillz or jealous of your relationship. ;)

But seriously. Flash user to flash user, amazing job, even if it was only for like 10 seconds. 2,000 tweens, are you serious!??! Was there even that many frames? ;P

How many layers did you have to create in order to tween all those objects? Did you use a motion guide or whatever that things called(I haven't used flash in some time)?

Also, Oney. ;P

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Horsenwelles responds:

oney and zach are still really mad about my commentary on zachy. like, based on what tacosoup said, he posted about 5 times about me and his reactive distaste FAR after i was done discussing anything on his defending of "gay of thrones". but thats another story.

thank you for the review, and there was approximately 2860 tweens between 32 layers. and yes, there were more tweens than frames in this flash =D

Marijuana Ad Marijuana Ad

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I give you an 8 for humor and effort, but this is pretty biased. For one, it's already been proven that marijuana doesn't cause cancer. There IS a difference between THC and nicotine, you know. Also, I understand you were probably exaggerating a bit to add to the humor, but really, it's not like potheads are heroin junkies. After a joint, maybe not even that, you're good. If you're smoking a pipe, you'll even set it down and forget you were smoking sometimes, because you're already high.

Consider that marijuana A LOT safer than cigarettes, and alcohol too. Marijuana is also loads safer than any antidepressants the doctor might prescribe, a natural way to deal with anxiety, if you will.

Again, good effort, but the next project you have like this, make sure you get your facts straight.


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1 Minute Personality Test 1 Minute Personality Test

Rated 3 / 5 stars

It worked for the first few times just fine, but now the enemies don't load, the bomb elements don't load, and pretty much the only thing I'm able to do is allow the bomb to blow or eat ice cream lol

I really like the idea though, and the pixel graphics and old school music is pretty nostalgic.

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Dodge Dot v1.0 Dodge Dot v1.0

Rated 1 / 5 stars

You can't lose!

Haha, there is no "game over", as I'm at negative 7 lives right now... So, what's the point? Seems kinda glitchy, and not very well thought out. Also, the music just stopped. Maybe loop it? I dunno. It was a pretty mediocre attempt. Put more effort into it next time.

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potatopower responds:

I have it to loop...... Seems that alotta people have problems, me/my beta testers didn't have.

An Unoriginal Maze Game An Unoriginal Maze Game

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Like most unorigninal maze games...

You can click and hold down the left mouse button and drag it through obstacles with consequence. You might want to fix that, just to make it that much more original.

Other than that though, it was decent.

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Cevox responds:

I have tried to, but I just can't get the left click blocking to work without messing up parts where you have to click to continue. Have any suggestions?

Also, I do realise that it isn't an original game. I do plan to make any future things I make more original.